The National ACS Meeting Spring 2021 will be VIRTUAL. Live events will occur April 5-16.

The ACS Great Lakes Regional Meeting Summer 2021 will be VIRTUAL. Live events will occur June 6-9.

Financial support for registration ($29 registration fee/student) of the ACS national meeting will be available.

Are you a student getting ready to present at an ACS National or Regional Meeting?

Are you an ACS Member?

Do you need help with funding to go to the conference?

If you answered yes to all the questions above, you may be interested in the following: 

The Upper Peninsula Section invites students who have oral or poster presentations accepted at ACS National or Regional Meetings and who are in need of travel assistance to apply for Financial Support of Student Presenters (“Prop. B”.)

Any MEMBER or STUDENT MEMBER (Bylaw IV, s.1) of the Section, and enrolled as a student, is eligible.

Applicants for the ACS Virtual Meeting Spring 2021 (apply by March 15, 2021) or Great Lakes Regional Meeting 2021 (apply by April 15, 2021) need to complete the following form:

Registration for Support for ACS meeting

The student’s research advisor will need to complete the following form to nominate the student:

Nomination of student presenter

Students should have the following information before completing the form.

  1. Nominator name
  2. Nominator email
  3. Student presenter name
  4. Student email
  5. Student ACS member number
  6. School name
  7. Presentation title
  8. Presentation type, oral or poster
  9. ACS technical division
  10. Symposium/Session title
  11. Division presentation number
  12. Date and time of presentation

** Please note the nomination need to be submitted by 30 days before the conference. Up to $29 per student to cover registration cost will be granted. **